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We've Helped hundreds of vets get the benefits they've earned.

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What Makes Us Unique

We've helped 100% of our clients

How much would a jump from 90% to 100% P&T change your life today? Consider no property taxes, student loan forgiveness, and more money for your family.

Access to Network of Private Doctors

Our private network of doctors will provide you a 3rd party evaluation and will fill out the documents the VA uses to evaluate you.

Free Screening, $0 Cost to Get Started

There is no risk and you don’t pay, unless we know we can help you. During the process, we’ll provide a free roadmap of what you need to do.


Vets Helping Vets Overcome The System

Vets often find it difficult to adjust to civilian life, especially when it comes to dealing with disabilities. We know because we’re Vets too. Our goal at 360 Veteran is to help Veterans get through this process as fast and painlessly as possible because we understand how difficult it can be for them to do so.

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After filling out initial paperwork, our private network of doctors will evaluate you and send you all of the documents needed to submit to the VA!
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No need to worry! We'll work hand in hand with you to be sure you receive the rating that you earned and deserve.
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360 Veteran is 100% Referral Based

360 Veteran makes the process easy and pays for itself. We have our own network of VA-unaffiliated doctors and we will help you through every step of the process.

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And Remember, you don't pay a dime until we are confident we can help. There is no risk and no cost to meet. We are vets who want to help other vets.

360 Veteran makes the process easy and pays for itself. We have our own network of VA-unaffiliated doctors and we will help you through every step of the process.

Still Have Questions?

Be Sure To Watch Our Video Series!

These videos are designed to familiarize yourself with the process, provide you tips & tricks of the trade, and assist you in getting your disabilities service connected! Scroll up and down on the video list to see all that you can watch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You are a good candidate for our assistance if you meet any of the following criteria: 

  • If you are a Veteran who has an overall rating between 0%-90%

  • If you have previously been denied service connection for a disability

  • If you have already received a VA disability rating

  • If you are service-connected for any of these disabilities 

You may be a good candidate for future assistance if you…

  • If you are still Active Duty in the military

  • If you have never filed a claim before

  • If you are currently going through an appeal

  • If you currently have an open claim 

  • If you have never received a rating from the VA

Step 1: Collect your medical records and figure out what you would like to claim.

Step 2: Find a local VSO and work with them to submit all of your documents to the VA.

Step 3: Be sure to attend all of your C&P Evaluation appointments with the VA doctors.

Step 4: Immediately contact 360 Veteran when you get your decision letter back.

Step 5: Decide whether you would like to increase your rating or complete the NEXUS letter process.

Step 6: Trust the process, complete the steps and get what you have earned!

Step 1: Go to medical and document anything that has happened to you in the military.

Step 2: Collect a hard copy and an electronic copy of your medical records.

Step 3: Find a Local VSO and give them your medical records.

Step 4: Work with the VSO to compile your initial claim and document your disabilities.

Step 5: Submit your claim and be sure to attend all of your C&P Evaluations from the VA

Step 6: Once you receive your decision letter from the VA, Contact 360 Veteran immediately!