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Information Library

About Steven Crane

My transition from the Marine Corps was the most challenging time in my life. It was not easy for me or my family, especially because it was due to various medical conditions. From losing my job, losing my home, to losing my purpose in life...everything was terrible. The only reason I stand where I am today is because of the grace of God, my family, and an undying passion to ensure no one has to endure what I went through.

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1-Hour Webinar

WHAT YOU'LL TAKE AWAY FROM THIS WEBINAR: Some of the tips and tricks of the VA disability process, provide you a clear path forward, and best of all, show you exactly how we can help you INCREASE your VA disability rating!

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100% P&T Benefits

P&T refers to veterans with complete (VA-rated 100 percent disabling ) and permanent disabilities (have zero or close to zero chance of improvement). Permanent and total ratings are protected from being reduced and may entitle you or your family to additional VA benefits.

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NEXUS Letter

A Nexus Letter is a letter from your physician establishing a link between your present health problems and your military service. The connection might be made directly to a military incident or scenario, or it could be made indirectly through another medical condition encountered while serving.

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360 Veteran's Team

360 Veteran was established to assist military veterans and their families in successfully transition from the military with purpose, dignity, and ease. We have been through the VA disability process, we understand your frustration, and that is why we are here to assist!

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Are You P&T?

P&T refers to veterans with complete (VA-rated 100 percent disabling) and permanent disabilities (have zero or close to zero chance of improvement). Permanent and total ratings are protected from being reduced and may entitle you or your family to additional VA benefits.

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Increasing Your Rating

In this video, we will walk through a real life example of how we can help increase your current VA disability rating, as well as some things to consider throughout the process.

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Adding More Stuff

Have you ever wondered if you could add more stuff to your current list of disabilities? This can certainly help you in thinking of some possibilities, what we can do to help, and what is going to give you the most bang for your buck.

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Initial Claims

This video is for anyone who has never submitted a claim to the VA. This is a everything you need to know about going through the process for the first time and what to expect.

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Step By Step

If you're trying to get the most out of your disability and maximize everything you could possibly get, this step-by-step guide depends on where you are in the process.

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Tips & Tricks

Do you want to learn some secrets that most people won't tell you? Are you looking for that "secret sauce?" Or are you curious what are the tricks of the trade? Then you need this video.

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What Is Radiculopathy?

Radiculopathy is a term that refers to a variety of symptoms caused by the pinching of a nerve root in the spinal column. A pinched nerve can develop in various locations throughout the spine (cervical, thoracic or lumbar). Radiculopathy symptoms vary according to the site but often include pain, weakness, numbness, and tingling.

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Most Common Disabilities

There are many different disabilities a veteran can claim; however, these are the most common. Additionally, these are the various disabilities that are actually increasable at 360 Veteran.

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Veteran Service Officers

Veteran Service Officers (VSO's) are trained and accredited by the VA or other recognized organizations to assist veterans, dependents, and survivors. They can be a great resource when doing your initial claim, and they can be found all across the country.

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VA Disability Calculator

Have you ever wondered how the VA came up with your overall rating? Have you ever observed that with the VA, 1+1 does not equal 2? One of the most often heard concerns from veterans is, 'How on earth did the VA obtain the combined rating that they did with all of my ratings?'

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VA Disability Ratings

The VA disability rating system is a complex set of rules and guidelines, but it can be boiled down to a simple concept: the more a veteran’s injury interferes with his or her daily life, the higher the compensation they receive. To make sure you know what you’re getting, here is a guide with the most common ratings for each of the conditions.

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Open Claim v. ITF

Veterans can Open a Claim or Intent to File for Disability Compensation. Find out the difference between the two and see what's best for you. There is a major difference between the two, and it is very important to understand the lingo that the VA uses.

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Results are not guaranteed and 360 Veteran, LLC. makes no promises. 360 Veteran, LLC. staff does not provide medical or legal advice. Any information discussed such as, but not limited to; likely chance of an increase, estimated benefit amounts, potential new ratings prior to a doctor reviewing patient’s file, is solely based on past client generalizations and not specific to any one patient. The doctor has the right to reject and/or refuse to complete a Veteran’s DBQ if he/she feels the Veteran is not being truthful. The Veteran’s Administration is the only one that can make a determination, in regards to whether or not a Veteran will receive an increase in their service-connected disabilities. A refund of sorts will be offered (medical fees are non-refundable, in accordance with State governing medical board.)