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Maximize Your VA Disability Rating

You May Qualify For An Increase To Your Current Disability Rating!

Are You A Good Candidate For An Increase?

  • If you are still active duty in the military

  • If you have never filed a claim before

  • If you are currently going through an appeal

  • If you currently have an open claim and are working with a Veteran Service Officer (VSO)

  • If you have never received a rating from the VA

  • If you are a veteran who has an overall rating between 0%-90%

  • If you have previously been denied service connection for a disability

  • If you have already received a VA disability rating

  • If you have been service-connected for a disability through the VA

  • Steven and his team kept in contact and answered any questions I had every step of the way. They helped make the process of dealing with the VA painless and expedited. I had my decision FAR faster than I ever expected. I cannot recommend and praise him and his team enough. If you are a veteran looking to begin your process with the VA, DO NOT go alone, reach out to the 360 Veteran team! You will be in good hands.

    Shawn T. - U.S. Marine Corps Veteran

    100 percent in 3 weeks AND...they back paid me already $30K!...Steven, you guys are freaking amazing! Holy cow! I am nearly in tears! I am so happy I used your services! Unbelievable!

    Chris M. - U.S. Navy Veteran

    Thank you Steven and 360 Veteran. When my father had mentioned back in June that I should look into your program I was skeptical. However with your help, even texting me personally to help me make sure I filled things out correctly, I got word today, just 4 months later the VA increased my ratings across 5 different issues bringing me to a full 100% Rating. I never imagined the plain lazy notes and diagnosis from my doctor while I was serving would be so off, compared to actual diagnosis of my back pain/issues. 360 Veteran is the real deal!

    John L. - U.S. Air Force Veteran

    I met Steven on Linked-In, I found the possibility of increasing my Disability rating percent interesting. I engaged with Steven who walked me through the process. Through his hard work he was able to help me get my disability rating increased by 20% which is awesome. I highly recommend any Veteran in similar circumstances to work with Steven.

    Howard B. - U.S. Navy Veteran

    I've been trying for 7 years to get an increase on my VA disability ratings. Steven and his group worked a miracle in 4 months. Thank you so much for your expertise!!

    Janet P. - U.S. Air Force Veteran

    I just want to say if you are a veteran that has claimed disabilities and not sure what to do about your rating, Steven is your guy. He helped walk me through the process of increasing my rating and getting the appropriate evaluations and I was able to get the VA to agree with the evaluations and increase all of my ratings. His services and professionalism are top notch, and he communicates with you during the entire process. Thanks Steven, I can't recommend you highly enough!

    Sean M. - U.S. Army Veteran



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    We utilize our own doctors to conduct your medical evaluation (your C&P), which makes all the difference, and ensures the highest chances for success!

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    Results are not guaranteed and 360 Veteran, LLC. makes no promises. 360 Veteran, LLC. staff does not provide medical or legal advice. Any information discussed such as, but not limited to; likely chance of an increase, estimated benefit amounts, potential new ratings prior to a doctor reviewing patient’s file, is solely based on past client generalizations and not specific to any one patient. The doctor has the right to reject and/or refuse to complete a Veteran’s DBQ if he/she feels the Veteran is not being truthful. The Veteran’s Administration is the only one that can make a determination, in regards to whether or not a Veteran will receive an increase in their service-connected disabilities. A refund of sorts will be offered (medical fees are non-refundable, in accordance with State governing medical board.)