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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I good client for 360 Veteran right now?

You are a good candidate for our assistance if you meet any of the following criteria:

>>If you are a Veteran who has an overall rating between 0%-90%

>>If you have previously been denied service connection for a disability

>>If you have already received a VA disability rating

>>If you are service-connected for any of these disabilities 

Would I be a good client for 360 assistance in the future?

You may be a good candidate for future assistance if you…

>>If you are still Active Duty in the military

>>If you have never filed a claim before

>>If you are currently going through an appeal

>>If you currently have an open claim

>>If you have never received a rating from the VA

What do I do if I have never filed?

Step 1: Collect your medical records and figure out what you would like to claim.

Step 2: Find a local VSO and work with them to submit all of your documents to the VA.>>If you are still Active Duty in the military

Step 3: Be sure to attend all of your C&P Evaluation appointments with the VA doctors.

Step 4: Immediately contact 360 Veteran when you get your decision letter back.

Step 5: Decide whether you would like to increase your rating or complete the NEXUS letter process.

Step 6: Trust the process, complete the steps and get what you have earned!

What do I do If If I am still Active on Duty?

Step 1: Go to medical and document anything that has happened to you in the military.

Step 2: Collect a hard copy and an electronic copy of your medical records.

Step 3: Find a Local VSO and give them your medical records.

Step 4: Work with the VSO to compile your initial claim and document your disabilities.

Step 5: Submit your claim and be sure to attend all of your C&P Evaluations from the VA

Step 6: Once you receive your decision letter from the VA, Contact 360 Veteran immediately!

What if I'm 10-90%?

Contact us immediately! 


Be Sure To Watch Our Video Series!

These videos are designed to familiarize yourself with the process, provide you tips & tricks of the trade, and assist you in getting your disabilities service connected! Scroll up and down on the video list to see all that you can watch.

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